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LORD OF THE RINGS Casting: Legolas and Gimli confirmed!

Alright folks, I've been working my ass off this weekend (while the site was down) getting this story nailed down for y'all. The 3 signed names playing major characters that we have never fan speculated with (to my source's knowledge) were Merry - played by Dominic Monaghan. Now... we learned that this week.

However, to add to that casting I can confirm the casting of John Rhys-Davies that broke the story on. Now I know that while you are well aware that John Rhys-Davies is tall... He will be a dwarf in this film... and as any fan of SLIDERS or RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK will atest... the man is soooooooo coooool. I tell ya, can't ya just hear him telling the story about his people and the mines of Moria... while dark things hide in the shadows.... Shivers...

And now for the third. There has been a lot of wrongful speculation on Legolas. How many places have you read that it was to be Jude Law? Yeah... I know... alot. Well, here's where the great unknown comes in. I know nothing about the way he looks, how old he is, is he a good actor... I don't know. But I've been a real big fan of Peter's casting so far, and while I know NOTHING about Orlando Bloom, other than he played a minor role in WILDE alongside Jude Law and Stephen Fry... Orlando Bloom is indeed Legolas. I have one person working on getting a picture for me, but until then... We'll all have to suffer.

So... Where are we now? Basically at this point. All the 'Fellowship' is cast except Boromir... Gandalf is Ian McKellen. Merry is Dominic Monaghan. Pippen is Billy Boyd. Sam is Sean Astin. Frodo is Elijah Wood. Aragorn is Stuart Townsend. Legolas is Orlando Bloom. Gimli is John Rhys-Davies. These are all CONFIRMED. As for Boromir, we know that Sean Bean is being talked with, BUT has not been cast and may not be depending how the negotiations go. Boromir is the last of the 'Fellowship' to be filled. And... I'll be working to get ya the latest on that front.

So that is how this weekend has turned out! I hope you enjoy. Oh... and if you have a pic of Orlando Bloom.... Drop it in the ol email to me. Thanks.

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