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Who Sequelizes ROGER RABBIT??

Merrick here...
This actually ht on Friday but got lost in the swirl of Halloweekend. Robert Zemeckis has revealed that a sequel to WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? is currently being deveoped/scripted. Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price, who wrote the first film, are returning to script the second.
...which originates HERE AT MTV. While a handful of ROGER RABBIT shorts were generated, The Powers That Be also made several runs at a movie sequel in the past. This included a WWII-themed concept called ROGER RABBIT II: TOON PLATOON (scripted by by Nat Mauldin of BARNEY MILLER, NIGHT COURT), and Sherri Stoner and Deanna Oliver's WHO DISCOVERED ROGER RABBIT?, a prequel which more or less approached the Roger mythos by way of A STAR IS BORN. In Mauldin's TOON PLATOON script, Toons have trouble fitting into the Armed Forces because...
although `toons can’t be harmed by enemy bullets and bombs, human commanders couldn’t figure a way to get them to attack an enemy. It seems that the `toons innate urge to entertain was too difficult to overcome.
...says THIS REVIEW of the entertaining sounding screenplay. Presumably Seamen and Price are starting at square one for this new sequel project. Wonder if Zemeckis would make the whole thing mocap/CGI, or if he'd do a live-action/animated combo a la the first film. Interesting...

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