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See Tomb Raiders And Vampire Babes In Two More Clips From TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE!! + The Filmmakers Are Listening...

Merrick here...
Earlier this week we posted two rough cut clips from TALES FROM AN ANCIENT EMPIRE, director Albert Pyun's pseudo-sequel to 1982's THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER (see them HERE). In that posting, we asked Talkbackers to offer their constructive feedback about all facets of these clips. Despite an anticipated level of snark and vitriol in the resulting Talkback, the filmmakers were able to glean some very helpful perspectives from some of our readers - whose insights, expectations, and criticisms held considerable merit. Accordingly, changes are now being made to the material we presented with the hope of making TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE a film which SWORD AND THE SORCERER fans, as well as AICN readers, will truly enjoy. Here's another opportunity to be a part of this post production process. Below you'll find two more clips - they are also rough cut samplings, and not entirely refined (currently lacking balance and color correction, for example). In the Talkbacks below, offer your as much detail as you like..about what you're seeing. What works, what doesn't work, and try to explain why. By no stretch of the imagination do I expect this will be a SFT (Snark-Free Talkback), but do consider that you have a rare opportunity here to be heard by filmmakers whose minds, thus far, have been remarkably (and agreeably) open to your constructive response - they're even making changes based on what you're saying, whenever possible. Without further delay, here are the two new clips. Enjoy!

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