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Enough with the Rocky 7 rumor! It is not true!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I didn't run the original rumor, apparently taken from a German newspaper because it didn't feel right. Sure enough it is a total misunderstanding as the interview Sly is being quoted from is 3 years old and is him talking about Rocky Balboa. I was asked in a talkback yesterday why there was no article on Rocky 7 and I responded saying because it's a non-news story. It was from the start. But considering the sheer amount of emails we're getting about it under the impression that Sly is seriously contemplating another Rocky movie and worried he's going to ruin the graceful finale of Balboa I have to post something. It's non-news, but the people spreading the rumor are making this news now. It's not true. And I have proof. Look at the working blog of Sheryl, Stallone's publicist on The Expendables... there's a story about the day which had Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger all working together which is fantastic in and of itself, but in the comments section she completely debunks the rumor that she shouldn't have to debunk anyway.
Also the interview that has been running with Sly talking about doing another Rocky – hello people – that was done 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is not a new interview and Sly has no intention of doing another Rocky – Rocky Balboa was the perfect bookend to the original Rocky – nothing left to say. I personally am pushing Sly to do Poe – but that will have to wait until he does the next movie – whatever that may be.
Done and done. Stop the fretting. Stallone isn't a moron, he knows he has the best possible closer for that series in the can. But to end on a happy note, Sheryl does say in her piece on the day's shooting that they're working on the approval process to release the first official still featuring Stallone, Arnie and Bruce together in front of a movie camera for the first time. That means we'll likely see that image sometime this week. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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