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Look Upon Two Rough Cut Clips From TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE - THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER Pseudo-Sequel!!

Merrick here...
We've seen promotional images from the film (HERE and HERE), spent time watching a live video feed from the set as Lee Horsely showed up to reprise the role he originated in SWORD AND THE SORCERER (HERE), and wondered if that three-bladed sword will make an appearance (which it will). Now, director Albert Pyun has posted two clips from TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE. This is a pseudo-sequel to THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER - a notion which Albert promised audiences at the end of SWORD way back in 1982. PLEASE NOTE: these clips are in rough cut form and do not reflect final pacing/product. They are works in progress, pure and simple. ALSO KNOW THAT The Powers That Be are really interested in hearing constructive feedback about these clips - so this might be a good opportunity to have your perceptions/words actually heard by filmmakers while a project is still being refined. Something to think about before unleashing ungodly torrents of snark in the Talkbacks below. Here are the clips. The second clip (the one at the bottom) I don't think is quite there yet. One solution may be to de-emphasize Janelle Taylor, who seems to be trying a little too hard. The first clip (on top)...I like quite a bit. There's a charm, cleverness, and earnestness to the sequence (and its performances) that I really dig. What do you think?

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