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Updated with Additional Images!!! George Miller shows a couple of cars and talks MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!!!

Hey folks, Harry here and I'm just giddy. ABC News.... no, not the Disney owned one, but the Australian Broadcasting one, has an interview and a behind the scenes look at FURY ROAD. TRY not to get excited. Seriously. Hearing that George Miller is spending a year building and testing the safety of these badass works of asphalt tearing metal and rubber... Well, YES! He's also stating that no casting is final despite the rumors online, but that he has been furiously casting this film and has tons more people to look at. But check out the oh too small video and article here: CLICK HERE FOR FURY ROAD!!!

And Bioluman sent the following two pictures and if you click on them you can see the Sky Movie News of Australia's coverage of the same press junket:

Was chatting back and forth with Robert Rodriguez about this story today and we just started talking about this... the greatest doc on filmmaking ever... EMPTY CARDBOARD BOXES:

Looks like George is shooting safer this time!

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