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Updated: Right now! Arnie, Sly & the Bruce are shooting... in other news Hell freezes over!

Hey folks, Harry here on Twitter and the publicist for THE EXPENDABLES has posted a note saying "Cameras r rolling with sly Bruce and Arnold all together for the first time" -- We know it is in a church, because... only God could have made this happen! It is unknown, however, if they are all crucified... then using pure testosterone fueled inhuman strength they pull themselves from the cross to begin a musical number... before killing pedophile priests. That is unconfirmed. What do you think Bruce, Arnold & Sly would be shooting in a Church? And here's Maria's latest tweet: "wow im stil reelng from the day. Six hours of Arnold bruce & sly creating movie magic. details soon on my blog but sadly no fotos...yet" -- Argh! Can't wait to hear more!!!

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