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Contest! Design a poster for Nic Cage's BAD LIEUTENANT and win some shit so cool it'll make you see iguanas!

Update! The studio wants to keep this contest open to US only. Sorry about that... but if you're outside of the US and you have the itch to do this contest feel free to enter. I could still post your work as a runner up, but you couldn't win the prizes.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Boy oh boy do I love Werner Herzog's BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS. It's by far my favorite Nic Cage performance since ADAPTATION... and I might even like his work in this movie more than that one. I can't say I'm a fan of the studio attempts at posters. I posted an unofficial one that was much cooler a while back, but while the two studio posters out are very professionally done they lack the insane darkly comic tone of the movie.

You're going to get a chance to change that. This contest goes out to all the photoshop and graphic design geniuses out there. I want a kick ass poster design that channels the awesome surreality of this movie. Beginning the moment this article goes live to Noon CST on November 9th you need to deliver unto me your own poster for this film. The studio has offered up key art (jpgs) and layered art (psd files) to help you build the best poster you can. Click here to download all the source material art! I will pick the winner and he or she will get a prize package that includes getting three prints of the winning art for yourself, having the artwork posted on the film's official website, facebook, twitter and myspace pages, a Lena Herzog photography book signed by Werner Herzog, 5 Nicolas Cage DVDs and 5 Werner Herzog DVDs. And, of course, I will post the winner on the site. I'll also post my favorite runners up. When you have your masterpiece created email me at with the subject line His Soul's Still Dancing. I'll need a file no larger than 2 megs and in jpg format as well as your mailing address in the case you should win. Obviously since the art will be printed you should work in as high quality as possible, but I don't want any 50 meg files destroying my inbox. I'll also need you to let me know if it's okay to use your name on the site in case you win or are a runner up. My choice will be final. The winner and runners up will be posted the week of 11/16, which is is the week leading up to the 11/20 release. Be creative. I will be judging based on aesthetic composition, smoothest work and, most importantly, tone. I want something as crazy as the movie. You have the studio supplied pieces, but I don't want something safe and dull. If you need inspiration you can check out the official trailer or, even better, the original insane promotional trailer that leaked a long time ago.

Have at it! If you have any questions, post in talkback or drop me an email and I'll do my best to answer. Good luck! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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