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Neil Blomkamp's Untitled Science Fiction Project has found its financing! That is an extremely good thing!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm very happy about this situation. It seems that Media Rights Capital has committed to funding Neill Blomkamp's next foray into science fiction... Giving him the artistic freedom to begin the process of developing the visual effects and story adaptation based upon a Graphic Novel that he's created, that I've heard rumors about us getting to see at some point. Over at Variety - Mike Fleming has a very revealing article about the sort of hands off deal that MRC has given Blomkamp to develop and create his next film. They also mention that the theory that the film will cost more than DISTRICT 9. Mike doesn't seem to have any real quotes regarding that concept, at the Drafthouse screening of DISTRICT 9 that Neill attended, he mentioned very forcefully that he really didn't want to make films at that gargantuan budget size, which he found not only wasteful, but also he seemed to feel that setting out to make a movie at that $100 million plus level meant and required a great deal of studio interference, which was something that he was absolutely not interested in. Moreso, when listening to Neill's theories on visual effects - it became very evident quickly why DISTRICT 9, which was FILLED with effects... that happened to look perfect... yet cost a fraction of the FX of all the other summer films... well, that's because at the same time he developed the story, he developed the fx that were specifically needed for the film. Another thing I like about this story of Fleming's is the lack of a RELEASE DATE - The film will start production next summer, but it seems as though Blomkamp has been given the ability to finish his film before seeking a domestic release partner. This very much reminds me of the situation that Matthew Vaughn created for himself with KICKASS - a movie that just about every studio ran in terror from at the script stage due to well the inherent awesomeness contained therein... and after it is released next year... you'll be thankful that no U.S. distributor was involved in the filmmaking side. As that will be something unlike anything we've seen. The glimpses at Comic Con last year were just a beginning. Right now Blomkamp's next Science Fiction project should be the film that we all hold our breath for. His first was astonishing.

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