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Ausiello: DOLLHOUSE To Skip November Sweeps, Double-Up To Movie-Length In December!!

I am – Hercules!! The bad news: Fox will pull “Dollhouse” from Fridays during November sweeps, sources tell Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello. The better news: Ausiello's sources also say Fox will air two episodes of “Dollhouse” back-to-back on Friday nights in December. I believe "Dollhouse" makes a much better lead-in for "Dollhouse" than "Brothers" or "'Til Death." Fox execs have indicated they intend air all 13 season-two “Dollhouses” ordered despite its continued poor ratings in the network’s Friday Death Slot. I asked Ausiello what might be airing on Fox Friday in November. He said he had no idea, but offered repeats of the doll-free “House” as a guess. “House” is Fox’s top-rated scripted show, so I’d judge that a good guess. New “Dollhouse” installment 2.4 airs this Friday. The screener I just received indicates that 2.5 will air Friday, Oct. 30 -- but that episode may now be delayed to December since Oct. 30 is the first Friday of sweeps. Find all of Ausiello’s exclusive here.
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