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Mel Gibson's Back On The Beat In The Brand New Trailer For EDGE OF DARKNESS!

Beaks here...

That Bah-ston accent is going to take some getting used to, but it sure is swell to see Mel Gibson mixing it up in front of the camera again. Yahoo! Movies has the brand new trailer for Martin Campbell's EDGE OF DARKNESS, and it looks like a high-octane remake of the classic 1985 BBC miniseries - which, coincidentally, was directed by a young chap named Martin Campbell. Obviously, in paring down the running time from 317 minutes to somewhere presumably around two hours, a great deal of storytelling nuance is going to be sacrificed. But I can live with that if we get a pair of terrific tough-guy performances from Gibson and Ray Winstone (as "the guy who usually stops you from connecting A to B"). Check it out!
EDGE OF DARKNESS is currently scheduled for release on January 29, 2010. Andrew Bovell and Academy Award-winner William Monahan tag-teamed the adaptation of Troy Kennedy-Martin's original script.

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