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Roland Emmerich Says INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 A No-Go Without Will Smith!

Beaks here...

Roland Emmerich wants to make INDEPENDENCE DAY 2. Fox honcho Tom Rothman wants to make INDEPENDENCE DAY 2. So what's the hold up? Will Smith's gross points. In an exclusive interview with Latino Review's Kellvin Chavez, Emmerich (who's currently making the press rounds for 2012: TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION) suggests that ID4 2 probably would've been made by now had Fox been willing to peel off a percentage of the sequel's gross to the world's biggest movie star. Fox, however, would rather proceed without Will - which is a big ol' deal breaker for Emmerich. As for whether Will has any interest in revisiting his first mega-blockbuster (ID4 made $817 million worldwide in 1996), that is unknown. My guess is he'd rather star in something he's personally developed via his production company Overbrook Entertainment - like HANCOCK 2. For more ID4 2 news, head on over to Latino Review. According to Emmerich, he's got a "very really good great" story for the sequel. Can't argue with that kind of conviction!

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