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Behold The TOY STORY 3 Trailer In GloriouS QuickTime (HD)!!

Merrick here...
A trailer for TOY STORY 3 is accompanying the current 3-D re-release of the first two films in the franchise & has now been posted online in all forms of Glorious QuickTime. If you've only seen this trailer in its smaller form (or in the shakey cam iteration that has been making the rounds over the past week or so), I urge you to check out this material out in all of its glory here. There are some wonderful details to behold (love the Disney/Pixar branding on Buzz's ass, for example). You also get a nice sense of the film's revised aesthetic, which seems softer focused to me than the previous installments. My toddler is absolutely, 100% batty for the TOY STORY films. When he sees them he holds his Buzz Lightyear action figure heroically to the sky and shouts "Infinity beyond!" Can't wait to take him to this... Follow Woody...

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