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Watch one of the really great Fantastic Fest films now! Ti West's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - it seemed the overwhelming response to me asking if you'd like for Ain't It Cool News to cover VOD - well - it was a definite affirmative (so long as it was cool). So here I go. At this year's 2009 Fifth Annual FANTASTIC FEST - we screened Ti West's HOUSE OF THE DEVIL - this was kind of Ti's last film fest stop on the tour bus - as his film was set to begin its VOD release online... right now.

Ti West's HOUSE OF THE DEVIL - Click here to access Amazon's VOD service for the film!
Before you go leaping you'd probably want to know a bit about the film. Ti West has constructed not a spoof of a period horror film from the late 70s / early 80's - so much as a new film OF the era. If you love a movie like Fulci's THE PSYCHIC - you should love HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. The film is essentially about a girl that answers a college posted BABY SITTING ad when she was hard up for money to get her own place. The Babysitting gig is in the middle of nowhere and Satanists are most likely involved to some degree. Although Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov are playing the 'couple' in need of a babysitter... and the film is tonally absolutely perfect. Noonan and Woronov are spooky as hell. THE SIGNAL's AJ Bowen has a wonderful role - as well as Dee Wallace. But the jewel here is Jocelin Donahue - the young hot babysitter going to babysit on a night of a full eclipse in the city on Earth from which to best experience it. The best thing... The film is better than the above poster - doesn't reside on torture, CG or any of the other bargain basement horror tactics. Here - it's about atmosphere, tension, performance and the fear of - well... fucking satanists and Tom Noonan! And that's enough to give someone the wicked heebie jeebies! If you missed it at Fantastic Fest - or find yourself in one of the many communities that this film will never reach when it eventually opens in theaters... well... Why wait? It is here now! Amazon's service works with your laptop, Roku boxes, a TiVo player and Bravia Televisions. Call up some friends - it's October - a good times for good company and a good movie! ENJOY!

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