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Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell To Cameo In Tonight’s FRINGE??

I am – Hercules!! Last week we saw mole-scorpion boy crushed at a convenient moment by a parked squad car. Peter and Olivia are about to return to Iraq, but the real news may be a cameo tonight from Leonard Nimoy as William Bell, last seen chatting Olivia up on an upper floor of Earth 2’s very not-destroyed World Trade Center towers. Tonight:
Peter, Walter, Olivia and Broyles pursue a strange and deadly occurrence in Philadelphia where a bomb blew up inside a train station but left no trace of any explosive device. The perplexing and unexplained set of circumstances returns Walter to the lab to closely examine the human remains where he uncovers an unlikely energy source that triggered the explosion. With the explosive threat of more bombs and links to a classified military project, the intense investigation leads Olivia and Peter to Iraq.
Next week:
Recuperating from the traumatic and alarming meeting with Massive Dynamic founder William Bell (guest star Nimoy), Agent Dunham consumes a powerful “fringe” concoction that Dr. Bishop prescribes to stimulate her memory. Meanwhile, the Fringe Division investigates a series of robbery cases that are tied to shape-shifting. As clues are tracked and memories are jogged, another woman experimented on by Dr. Bishop is introduced and a flashback reveals more about Olivia’s visit to the alternate reality.
9 p.m. Thursday. Fox.

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