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Fridays = Ratings Kryptonite!! SMALLVILLE Down 45%!!
LAW & ORDER Down 41%!! DOLLHOUSE Down 41%!! MEDIUM Down 33%!! Ack!!

I am – Hercules!!

Many premieres hit Friday; the 18-49 scores: 2.3 20/20 2.2 Ghost Whisperer 2.0 Medium 1.7 Numbers 1.5 Dateline 1.5 The Jay Leno Show 1.5 Modern Family (r) 1.5 Cougar Town (r) 1.4 FlashForward (r) 1.3 Law & Order 1.0 Brothers 1.0 Dollhouse 1.0 Smallville * Fridays = Kryptonite! All the premieres were down down down from their previous-season premieres, and the biggest dip came for “Smallville” at 45%. * “Dollhouse” was down 41% from its premiere last February, but about even from its first-season finale in May. * “Medium,” which jumped to Fridays from whole other network, fell 33% * Good news and bad news for “Leno”: it hit its lowest score to date but finally beat some big-four shows. * The only NBC show “Leno” beat this week was “Law & Order,” which launched its milestone 20th season at 8 p.m. last night. It was down 41% from its launch last November and couldn't even top ABC's "FlashForward" repeat. Looks like it may not beat “Gunsmoke” after all! Find all of James Hibberd’s analysis of the Friday-night ratings here.
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