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There Can Be Only One Again... HIGHLANDER remake knows what you were doing last summer if you get my Tokyo drift...

Hey folks, Harry here with news that we all knew would be an eventuality. That's right, news of a HIGHLANDER remake. Now, I know HIGHLANDER has its diehard following, for whom this is a sacrilege, but I've only ever "liked" HIGHLANDER - and always felt it was slightly dim. It just wasn't nearly awesome enough to me. That said - I think we'd all be happier with surer hands than Neil Moritz and Justin Lin. Though, I like Justin quite a bit, Neil's projects thus far have been entertaining but slightly meth-inspired. Let's just hope they get within a mile of the awesome casting of the original. The film is being made at the TWILIGHT house called Summit, so let's see how this all goes. What would you do with a HIGHLANDER remake?

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