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LORD OF THE RINGS - Christopher Lee as Saruman!!!!!

Oh dear god this is COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

Today, Variety announced that Christopher Lee is in final negotiations to play SARUMAN in Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS!!!! I can not possibly put into words exactly how utterly profoundly happy and elated and joyful and sated I am by this bit of casting. I have been hoping and praying and draining blood from recently deceased chickens in strange voodoo rituals I learned from Moriarty in the prayers that this bit of casting would come to pass.

A thousand blessings and good tidings be thrown upon Peter Jackson and the people making THE LORD OF THE RINGS into the most incredibly exciting film project I've been alive to witness coming to frutation. I am so happy. Excuse me... I have to run in the streets naked shouting this news whilst the witnesses pluck their eyes from their sockets to rid them of the image I force upon them!


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