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And the award for best pre-release special feature of all time goes to... THE FANTASTIC MR FOX!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with something so incredibly delightful that I just had to share. Sunday nights are Movie Nights for me. Where my wife goes out dancing with her best friend, and my dear friend Diana comes over and we watch a double feature. Tonight we started off with GRACE - an astonishingly wonderful horrifyingly profane film featuring the cutest baby ever. We were at such an icky place that we had to put on something happy... So I put on the direct to DVD - WALLACE & GROMIT'S MATTER OF LOAF & DEATH! It perfectly rose our spirits while still being a bit awesomely dark... Well, after that my friend leaves and I come over to the computer and find the following special feature on Apple: CLICK HERE to see new FANTASTIC MR FOX making of (with no spoilers)! See? It isn't so much anything other than the fact that this is twice this year that I've seen amazing special features on children's book film adaptations that literally made my heart swell up for how exactly on target they are. The other being the Spike Jonze / Maurice Sendak WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE? special feature! This one was amazing. Who doesn't love Roald Dahl? Here we have modern genius Wes Anderson discussing his screenwriting process on his new film, FANTASTIC MR FOX. Wes goes on to tell us that when he was writing the screenplay for FANTASTIC MR FOX - he decided he wanted to live and write it where Roald Dahl wrote the book. So he contacted Mrs. Dahl and she agreed. While there - he discovered that Dahl based MR FOX on himself, his world on the world he lived in and Wes decided to inform the character of MR FOX with some of Dahl's as well. Later still in the filmmaking process he had every object in the home photographed and reproduced to set dress the universe of the stop-motion animated FANTASTIC MR FOX. Folks - this Glorious Quicktime Special Feature fucking rocks! Seriously! It is just easily one of the most awesome mini-stories I've heard in a while. They're miniaturizing Roald Dahl's life to be used in a stop-motion animated adaptation of one of Dahl's own stories! HOW AMAZING IS THAT? How AWESOME is Wes Anderson for being that big of a GEEK to want to write in Dahl's home, so he could discover more about the world of the author that created the work on which he wished to base a film adaptation upon? That's so cool - and I had to share. Definitely check it out. Now, I'm off to watch a film I'm considering for BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 1138...

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