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News on a Fourth Indiana Jones Movie''''

Then Zombie Pirate LeChuck sent in what I can only think is complete and utter bull, but hell, I'm in the sharing mood, and figured yall would all like to read it and decide for yourselves. BUT the news/rumor/guano is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE and is not under any circumstances to be considered reliable. Is there a chance some of it may be true? Uhhhh... sure, but every last bit of sanity tells me no. But hell it's another log on the fire of speculation... warm yourselves.

Indiana Jones 4 (Script Title: Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Treasure) is on the right course to being made. Spielberg, Lucas, and Harr have all expressed their interest in making another Indy, and the script, I heard, is very good. This may prove to be completely and utterly false, but I heard that Lawrence Kasdan was involved in writing it, and that in it, Indy is around 50-ish and searching for Noah's ark (I guess they could call it Indidana Jones and the Lost Ark, but that would just be bad). Anyway, Indy 4 is supposed to come between 2 of the prequels, most likely between the second and third one (much like Raiders came between Empire and Jedi). Anyway, I personally can't wait for Indy 4 OR the Prequels, but can anyone? (you DO like Indy, don't you?).

Can't wait to here more about this project.

P.S. Don't blame me if this info is false, but I heard this from a pretty reliable source.

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