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Live Action STAR WARS TV
Series Crawls Ever Forward!!

I am – Hercules!! Dragon Con is transpiring, and LucasFilm exec Steve Sansweet had vague things to say about about the timing of the looooooooong-in-development live-action “Star Wars” hourlong headed to TV. What I inferred: * “Writers” have been working on the project. (But which writers? Refugees from the “Theshold” or “Life On Mars” writers room? Anybody know anything?) * Preproduction would begin in 2009. * Production would begin in 2010. * The series will likely begin airing in 2012. (Earlier estimates put it in 2011.) We still know little about the series beyond the fact that it’s set between the death of Padme and Emperor Palpatine’s dissolution of the Imperial Senate. Will the series follow a rogue clone who questions the morality of slaying his Jedi masters? Or would a typical story deal with that time Young Han lost his favorite spaceball? “Star Wars” TV show : “A New Hope” :: “Young Indiana Jones Adventures” : “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? Would that be worth the wait for you, constant reader? Someone at the con asked about the kid from “Attack of the Clones” reprising his Boba Fett role for the series, and Sansweet did not dismiss the idea out of hand. Find all of’s story on the matter here.
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