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THE HOBBIT can now officially move forward!

Hey folks, Harry here... and as Harlan Ellison calls em, Those Furry Footed Fuckers, have been unleashed again. As we know, the Tolkien estate has really wanted to get the profits owed to them for the moderately successful LORD OF THE RINGS films - and it looks like they'll be dividing up around $220 million, at least, to the Tolkiens and HarperCollins. What this means is that there will not be an injunction or any other legal document that will render the one true ring, just a hunk of jewelry not fit for our Silver Screens. Nope. We're gonna get our two HOBBIT films by Guillermo Del Toro, whose feet I don't remember being furry... but he does match the description of a Dwarvish lady on an occassion here or there. Lest you think the Tolkien family are going to turn those hundreds of millions into a hollowed out mountain of gold to swim in... you'd be wrong. They apparently do a ton of heavy duty charity work that well, this settlement doesn't only get us our future HOBBIT films, doesn't just make the Tolkien family deservedly richer... but more than a 100 great charities will be able to do great work. This was always going to be the end of this particular snag, it was more about finding that number that all parties could live with.

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