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RAMBO V Synopsis... Sounds Cool To Me!

Hey Folks, Harry here... with more on the latest RAMBO - here's the official synopsis that has been being faxed around and found itself in my email box. What do I think? Well, Rambo 2,3 & 4 are all essentially the same movie structurally and thematically. Whereas the original film was almost entirely Rambo as an outsider, having completely given up on authority in his life. This is very different from everything we've seen from this series. The idea of Rambo with a 22 year old sidekick is something I'm not entirely sure of. Though I'm pretty sure it won't be Michael Cera... though Michael Cera being teamed with Rambo hunting something inhuman would probably result in the best film ever made... while high. I'm pretty sure Stallone will go with someone a bit more rough and tumble. As for people that want Rambo to stay "realistic" - I'd just like to fire back... "ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?" Because Rambo hasn't been vaguely realistic since the end credits of the first film. RAMBO has pretty much proven that he can wipe out all 3rd world groups of would-be badasses... It is time for him to fight something he doesn't know. Something that actually scares him. Because right now, I'd say Rambo is a man with no fear. He has nothing to lose. That looks to change with this film - and while I understand how it scares some of you - and how most of you feel that it is outside your comfort zone, but I'm pulling for this to work. My advice to Stallone at this point would be to go PRACTICAL with as much of the creature as possible. To drop the "V" from the title and just have it be RAMBO: THE SAVAGE HUNT. And cast Tony Jaa as the guy in monster suit - and have it so he can be 100% mobile. It'll never happen, but I'm just putting it out there. To me, casting a 7' guy in a big creature suit would just feel clunky. Cast a small, quick and furious combatant in that costume that can really move. Because there's nothing freakier than a small fast horrifying thing. At least that's my take. I'm surely wrong. Here's the synopsis:

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