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JONAH HEX news so mind-meltingly awesome that only Satan's Mighty Balls are cooler!

Hey folks, Harry here with awesomeness the likes of which only Medusa's slithering snakey bush might conceal badassery to match. It seems this is the time of year where little birdies will come a calling with mind-numbing news of unmatched wowitude. Today - and many other days as well - the metal gods known as MASTODON have been not so quietly scoring the film JONAH HEX. When I asked what it was sounding like, the only response was, "Needless to say, pretty heavy!" Man - Daft Punk doing TRON 2. Mastodon doing JONAH HEX - geek just got real cool - The metal sounds of an occult western. SO COOL. I really do have an incredibly good feeling about this. Of course, I also bought tickets for METALOCALYPSE with Dethklok and Mastodon this November here in Austin, so I'm chomping at the bit for this tiny rocking bit of awe! How about you?

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