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AICN Exclusive: IRON MAN 2 in 3D?!?! & IRON MAN 1 too?!?!?

Hey folks, Harry here with a story of geekgasmic fury bridled with awesome euphoria! One birdy tweeted a secret tweet that put me on the scent - and then I found other birdies to sing the same tune. So I can state that the following is absolutely true, though the final results have yet to be heard. Right now, there is a 1 minute demo of IRON MAN 2 converted to high quality digital 3D. I'm told this one minute is totally like Kim Basinger & Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 WEEKS. HOT! Crazy Hot! Right now the Suits at Marvel & Paramount & now also Disney are considering this 1 minute. At the same time that this is happening, they are fishing for bids with 3 different companies to see what the cost and time it would take to convert IRON MAN 2 to a complete 3D film. This same process is being done to Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND - but if this comes to pass. What will this mean for the rest of Marvel's slate leading to THE AVENGERS? Will THOR & CAPTAIN AMERICA also go through this process? Or will they be shot from the get go in 3D? I hope so. I love 3D. The tests I've seen of this process are just jaw-dropping. 3D is an experience to experience in movie theaters - and when the high quality progressive frame 3D Blu-Rays hit that will finally put the nail in the coffin of those dreadful anaglyph relics of the 50s... You'll have a home entertainment experience to match. Watching Iron Man, Whiplash, War Machine and Black Widow in 3D would be an unbelievable experience next summer - and my little birdy tells me there's a chance they'll actually pony up to convert IRON MAN for a reissue in advance of IRON MAN 2's summer release. I have very solid sources on this. And remember, you heard it here first my friends! Are you ready for the armored avenger in 3D? I am.

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