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Neill Blomkamp Says Studio Wants DISTRICT 9 Sequel, Talks HOBBIT Shoot, Etc!!

Merrick here...
In THIS INTERVIEW with SciFiMoviePage, writer/director Neill Blomkamp reveals that The Powers That Be want a "sequel" to DISTRICT 9 - which he "jokingly" (although not unexpectedly) refers to as DISTRICT 10. The interview discusses whether to prequel or not to prequel, what to do with Wikus, etc. Neill also mentions D9 producer Peter Jackson's work on del Toro's HOBBIT adaptation - indicating that current plans call for 370 days of shooting on that film, starting in April. Not sure that length of shoot has been mentioned elsewhere before (although maybe it has) - 'tis a long haul indeed. Click the link above to hear the ful audio interview.

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