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About the latest casting rumors in LORD OF THE RINGS

Hey folks. You may have recently read about a New Zealand Newspaper claiming that Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman had been signed as playing Faramir and Galadriel.

Well, this is a case of a newspaper digging up an old net rumor and going with it as fact. This rumor began when Deluca was sending out hints about the casting in LORD OF THE RINGS. When Deluca was writing about the couple, he was saying they were working on securing the couple... BUT IT HAD NOT HAPPENED YET. And it still hasn't. Those roles have not been cast, no one is signed and no one has agreed to do the roles. In other words... IT AIN'T TRUE.

Using highly tuned superpowers, mainly my telescopic x-ray vision, I looked at the shooting schedule and found that Galadriel's scenes won't begin shooting till MAY and Faramir won't start till August (2000). I'm willing to bet that they are taking it easy in securing actors for those roles... But then... That's just my wiley thoughts.

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