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Learn Who Schwarzenegger And Willis Play In THE EXPENDABLES!!

Merrick here...
Yesterday we received confirmation that Bruce Willis would be taking a role in THE EXPENDABLES (details HERE). SlashFilm now has word who Bruce will be playing, as well as what role Schwarzenegger will inhabit. MINOR SPOILAGE BELOW. Not plot, just character info.
Bruce will play Mr Church, the man who hires the Expendables, a highly-trained team of deadly combat mercenaries, to go on a mission to South America to overthrow and execute a villainous dictator. Interestingly enough, the role of Church was originally offered to Schwarzenegger, who declined in favor of a smaller cameo part due to political concerns. Schwarzenegger will now play a retired Lieutenant General of the Expendables.
...reveals SashFilm HERE. Also, here's a Randy Couture-centric promo reel for an upcoming UFC fight which features some on-set material from THE EXPENDABLES. This comes to us by way of FightingWords

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