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Peter Berg Discusses A HANCOCK Sequel!!

Merrick here...
Peter Berg talked to Sci Fi Wire about ideas being kicked around for a sequel to HANCOCK. We first learned of a possible sequel a while back, although everyone involved was quick to indicate it wasn't exactly on the fast track & was being seen as more of a long term possibility. To my knowledge, this is the first time an actual direction for the film has been discussed publicly.
At the end of last year's Hancock, it was revealed that Will Smith's superpowered character was actually an immortal god who became vulnerable only when in the presence of his goddess companion (Charlize Theron). Berg confirmed that a sequel would elaborate on the film's mythology. "There might be another god out there," Berg said in an exclusive interview last month in Pasadena, Calif. "Might be another one." [EDIT] Berg also confirmed that the subplot of Jason Bateman's publicist character should pick up where it left off in Hancock, where he's starting his charity campaign.
..says Berg HERE. As Sci Fi Wire points out, if two "gods" getting together caused such a ruckus in the first film - one can only image the madness caused by injecting a third deity(ish) being into the mix. Personally, I'd prefer to see a HANCOCK sequel that's not so...easy. To me, HANCOCK feels like the ending of a bigger story. I'd be much more interested in seeing what came before HANCOCK - Smith & Theron's horribly dysfunctional relationship as they come up through time, plagued by persecution and misunderstanding, inexorably drawn together but also careening towards their inevitable (and necessary?) separation. All of this is implied by the first film, and could make a pretty potent prequel I think.

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