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An Exclusive Look At The Bride Of I, FRANKENSTEIN!

Beaks here...

When last we talked about I, FRANKENSTEIN, it was just an intriguing premise: a film noir reimagining of the Classic Monsters universe in which a more mentally developed version of Frankenstein's monster makes like a hard-boiled detective, while Dracula plays the role of a crime kingpin. Now, we're getting a look at Patrick Tatopoulos's designs for these creatures, and... well, I'm still very intrigued. Behlod, the Bride!

I'm getting a strong METROPOLIS vibe from that image. Very cool. To get a sense of the other characters, click over to, and for more exclusive images. Tatopoulos is set to direct I, FRANKENSTEIN, which is based on a forthcoming graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux. Ryan "Rotten" Turek of will co-produce with Death Ray Films partners Robert Sanchez (also of and Chris Patton. There are some clever geek minds behind this project. I wish them the best of luck.

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