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Titan Books & AICN Want To Give You One Of Five Copies Of G.I. JOE: MISSION DOSSIER!!

Merrick here...
The G.I. JOE movies opens this weekend; really liked it myself (details HERE) and I can't wait to see what y'all think. To get you ready for the film, AICN and Titan Books are giving you the chance to snag one of five copies of Titan's G.I. JOE: Mission Dossier.
I generally prefer to actually see a product before offering it to readers via contest. Alas, the forces of COBRA conspired to intercept the copy Titan sent for consideration - so I haven't actually looked through this thing yet. However, I've been rather (to very) impressed with Titan's recent movie tie-ins...TERMINATOR SALVATION (HERE) and WATCHMEN (HERE) I feel reasonably comfortable offering up this JOE title for your esteemed consideration without having given it the once over. According to my buddy at Titan, this publication contains:
-144 pages - G.I. JOE Personnel Files on all your favourite heroes, including General Hawk and Snake Eyes. - Profiles on the G.I. JOE team's enemies, including the Baroness and Storm Shadow. - Cast and crew commentary on the making of this blockbuster movie. - Details of the high tech equipment featured in the movie, including the accelerator suit, vehicles and weaponry. - Hundreds of full-color stills and production art!
So, what do you gotta do to get it? It's simple. ** Sometime between the time you read this and 11:59 PM CST USA on Sunday August 9, send an e-mail to me via the link below. You can enter twice a day for each of the contest's five days ( = 10 entries total). ** Include your name and mailing address in this e-mail. The address is to expedite prize shipment only and will be summarily discarded once book recipients are chosen. No spam, no mailing lists, etc. ** CONTEST IS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL READERS!!! ** Be sure to send from an ACTIVE (and frequently checked) E-MAIL ACCOUNT. If I try to reach you & my message bounces back? I'll trash your win and move on to the next closest winning contestant I can reach. ** I've already pre-selected ONE time of day between today (Wednesday) and Sunday (five days, one copy awarded per day). The person who e-mails me at (or closest to) this time will receive a copy of the book. NOTE: I've been asked this before, so...for clarity...I'm using whatever time is stamped on the Yahoo mailing address established for this contest as the determiner. I'm in Central Time USA, so I guess that's a CST time stamp (?). ** The five recipients will be announced Monday morning. ** Titan will have your addresses in hand Monday morning & they've been kind enough to handle fulfillment in this contest. Books should be shipped very early next week. Probably, but not necessarily, Monday. ** As a general FYI, you should know that...due to the number and frequency of entries...recipients in past contests were sometimes selected by matters of seconds. Literally.
So now you know. And knowing...may or may not impact your victory in this game of random chance.


There's a lot of bad-ass design in the film, so I'm thinking this book could be a lot of fun. If my copy arrives before contest's end, I'll UPDATE this article to let you know how it is. You can find Titan's G.I. JOE Mission Dossier HERE, or learn more about it via Titan's site HERE. Now deploy! Yoooooooooooooooo JOE!

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