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Fabulous Trailers For Warren Ellis’ IRON MAN And WOLVERINE Japanese Cartoon TV Series!!

I am – Hercules!!

The brilliant funnybook writer and novelist Warren Ellis (“The Authority,” “Global Frequency,” “Planetary,” “Astonishing X-Men,” “Ignition City,” “Mek,” “Red,” “Reload,” “Iron Man: Extremis,” “newuniversal,” “Ultimate Fantastic Four,” “Ultimate Galactus,” “Ocean,” “Orbiter,” “Jack Cross,” “Ministry of Space,” “Fell,” “Gravel,” “Dark Blue,” “Scars,” “Wolfskin,” “Blackgas,” “FreakAngels,” “No Hero”), is at work on four (!) Marvel series for Japanese TV. Ellis offers AICN these details:
WOLVERINE and IRON MAN are 13 episodes each. I'm not actually scripting, but providing detailed storylines for each episode, which will then be handed to a Japanese scripter at Madhouse. IRON MAN leads into WOLVERINE.
No word yet on with which Marvel characters the subsequent two series will deal. Trailers:
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