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The Kurgan and Pig Vomit look to be close adding their voices to the Fincher produced GOON movie!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here fresh from the Convention Center after my walkabout today. I spent the day shopping, picking up some movie posters (got an ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES half-sheet, inserts for AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS and ASYLUM and one-sheets for DEMONS, THE BEAST MUST DIE and THE IPCRESS FILE if you give a crap), some Con exclusives and the like. Thank God for Sunday, the only day I can actually enjoy the floor. But unlike that lazy ass Jehovah I also did some work on Sunday. Fun work, no doubt, but I stumbled upon Mr. Eric Powell, Goon creator and crazy-talented and funny artist. We talked about the Goon panel, which I couldn't make yesterday. They showed something from the animated movie, which I couldn't see because I was lame and didn't make the panel, but Powell did share the revelation of voice casting. While the contracts aren't signed, both actors are attached and have already contributed voicework to test footage. The Goon is going to be Clancy Brown... The Kurgan! Hell yeah! That's actually perfect casting right there. I'm a big Clancy Brown fan... he shoulda been Sabertooth. And Frankie is going to be none other than Paul Giamatti, yet more perfect casting. I can already hear him screaming "KNIFE TO THE EYE!!!"

Supposedly we're getting more announcements soon (maybe a director finally?). I'll keep you guys abreast of what I hear. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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