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Comic-Con: Peter Jackson and James Cameron talk shop, KING KONG Universal Ride, AVATAR, BATTLE ANGEL and TEMERAIRE!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. After a long, long, long, long, long day, I kicked up my feet and tried to catch up on the massive Warner Bros Panel article while sitting at the back of Hall H during James Cameron and Peter Jackson’s panel… And then they decided to fuck that up for me as they talked about really interesting things. Sure, the bulk of it is talk about old tech vs. new and how great 3-D is, but I kept getting distracted by these two giants. AVATAR: Cameron said he spent so much time developing this world that there’s a lot more use he can get out of it. Sequels are definitely something he’s interested in, providing, of course, the movie does well and the sequel is wanted. He also mentioned wanting to put a version of the movie on the DVD that is just the raw footage of the actors doing their performance capture so everyone can see just how pure of a process it is, how much the end result is the actors. BATTLE ANGEL ALITA: “It’s a good idea to have your next gig lined up in case AVATAR tanks.” Laughs, but says it’s still on his plate, as are other projects that aren’t as heavily effects driven. “It’s not a great time to ask a woman if she wants more kids when she’s crowning.” TEMERAIRE: Peter’s still very keen to adapt Naomi Novik’s series and says once HOBBIT gets going he’ll look at it. KING KONG at UNIVERSAL: Peter talked about the King Kong attraction he’s working on at Universal to replace the KING KONG part of the tram ride that burned down. The lovely Genevieve Blaber (aka ScarletScribe) at Latino Review wrote about it a couple months back (Click here to read that), but Jackson expanded a bit. He talked about the set-up… a tram rolls into a dark hall, lights go down and suddenly you’re surrounded by screens at all sides, using the Cinerama process, but instead of 3 projectors they’re using 8. If you remember I detailed the Cinerama process recently in my A MOVIE A WEEK column focusing on HOW THE WEST WAS WON (click here for that)… and the idea of an 8 projector Cinerama immersive experience has me giddy. The idea is you’re trapped on Skull Island and get caught in-between Kong a team of Rexes… You’ll feel slobber, dino breath, wind, etc… How cool? That’s a little update. Now off for a tech check for the Solomon Kane panel I’m moderating tomorrow, an appearance at the hot ticket Wrath of Con party and then back to finish up my WB coverage and catch some sleep. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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