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TRON LEGACY SDCC Concept Footage Officially Released In Glorious QuickTime!! Light Cycles!! Flynn!! Clu!! Some Poor Bastard!!

Merrick here...
Last year, Disney stunned ComicCon by running a clip of "concept footage" (test footage) from what was then called TR2N (now TRON LEGACY). The footage was shown again at yesterday's Disney panel - this time in 3D. Since its initial presentation, we've only seen crappy, shaky cam captures of said footage on YouTube - which kinda/sorta suggested what the SDCC audience saw, but were frustrating at best. Disney has now released high quality versions of the footage, in various forms of Glorious QuickTime. Keep in mind: this may not be final material - FX, design work, etc. may have been altered substantially between the creation of this reel and production of the film itself. Nonetheless, this is a very tantalizing glimpse at what we have in store for us late next year.


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