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Take a trip down the Rabbit Hole with Quint and check out some ALICE IN WONDERLAND props!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Last night I joined a few other online outlets on a journey down the rabbit hole and got a tour of a meticulously organized series of props from Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Apparently Burton himself was hands-on in making sure this was set up right. First a little background… I was contacted by Disney in the wee hours of the morning (Wednesday) asking if I’d like to take part in something Alice In Wonderland related. Of course. What is it? They would not say. So we all showed up not knowing a damn thing and got a really awesome tour around a space rented out specifically to house a museum of props from the movie. I’m not allowed to tell you WHERE this place is, but it’s open if you play some kind of Disney organized scavenger hunt. If you’re at the Con and want your own up close look, I don’t know where to tell you to start, but I’m sure the word will be getting around. I’m exhausted and have a long day ahead of me, so without any further ado here’s the series of pics. Most are self explanatory, but you’ll see a couple of shots in there that look like hallways or full rooms (red queen’s throne room and white queen’s hall) that are really miniatures that Kraken shot to look like giant rooms. Sweet, huh? Enjoy!

Pretty neat, right? I’m also told they’ve built up a Flynn’s Arcade that I’m FOR SURE gonna have to hit up. Will bring pics of that when I go. Now for a few hours of sleepy-bye time before the next insane day of Comic-Con. PS I saw DISTRICT 9 tonight and it is fucking great. Gory, super hard R science fiction… with laser guns that make bodies go boom. It’s the sleeper hit of the summer as far as I’m concerned. I’ll have my review of that up as soon as I can manage it. See you folks in the morning for the epic Warners panel! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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