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BSG Writer-Producer Tells Herc Producers Are Pursuing Spaceship Drama VIRTUALITY As An International Co-Production!!

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If you haven’t been following my twittering, I spoke briefly with “Virtuality” co-creator (and “Battlestar Galactica” writer) Michael Taylor after the Comic Con BSG panel this afternoon and asked if “Virtuality” was well and truly dead at this point. Taylor said it looked really dead as far as Fox (which aired its excellent but low-rated two-hour pilot in its Friday Death Slot last month) was concerned, but producers of “Virtuality” (co-created by BSG mastermind Ron Moore) were now pursuing the idea of mounting a “Virtuality” series as an international co-production in the tradition of CBS' “Flashpoint,” ABC's “Impact” miniseries and ABC's fast-approaching spaceship drama “Defying Gravity.” “Virtuality,” said Taylor, requires a broadcast (as opposed to a cable) budget, so the international strategy – which could round up non-U.S. channels as partners – could be the way to make it more financially attractive to U.S. networks. I’ve watched the pilots for every new scripted series coming to broadcast TV this autumn, and I’m here to tell you the “Virtuality” pilot is better than any of them. Taylor is currently working with fellow ex-BSG writers Moore and Jane Espenson on Syfy’s “Galactica” prequel series “Caprica.”
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