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Merrick here...
This isn't exactly "news" as much as a nerdy, Geeky, sploogasmic portent of coolness. Here's a message setting up the picture:
I attended Lebowski Fest here in Seattle last night and it was great, man. The Dude made a special "satellite appearance", apologizing for not making it since he's up in Canada doing that whole Tron revival thing. I didn't watch my friends die face down in the muck to let this picture go unviewed, so I present it to you. Calmer than you are, Walter Sobchak
And, here's said picture from Walter:
Okay, to be clear, I don't believe current Bridges actually wears the old-style video grid helmets in the new film (which might not look so great from what we're seeing). I believe dat hat's reserved for Bridges' Clu character, who returns from the first movie via jiffy cool SFX techniques. NOTE: You can read more story details HERE - they've been verified as pretty much accurate, as opposed to THIS recent script review which appeared online & looks to be from an exceedingly early draft of the film (at best). Instead, this picture is...simply...a Lebowskiish Bridges in a TRON hat. What more needs to be said? I've heard a bit about how the new TRON film is shaking out. So far, folks' impressions have been very, very, very favorable. What's cool about these reactions is they're coning from hardcore Geeks and megafans of the first film. I have a feeling we're in for something very special with this project, a belief which'll hopefully be validated at ComicCon over the next few days. Which brings me to: I'm jonsing from this film in a painful way - it's quickly developing into the nerdiest case of blue balls I've ever experienced. If you're at ComicCon and come across any new TRON goodness? Please drop a line with as many details as possible - pictures, impressions, whatever, etc.

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