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Harry saw INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS today, but Saturday Night @ Comic Con so can you... Here's How!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - there's a lot of films screening this year at Comic Con, but here's one that has been secret till... NOW. On Saturday night at 8pm at the Reading Gaslamp Theater in downtown San Diego - a 250 seat theater will be packed with extremely lucky folks. To get the tickets - you need to officially follow TheRealBasterds so you can get the info and capitalize on it asap to grab one of those tickets to an ass-kicking awesome time. There may very well be some of the Basterds there that night. Sadly, I can't attend - as I'll be rocking out to KISS at the Hard Rock, but you folks let me know. I'll write my INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS review on the plane tomorrow. It is a really great film on multiple levels. And is shorter than the Cannes version, but I think it is probably an even better film for it.

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