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AICN Exclusive Confirmed: Sam Raimi is going to direct WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!

Hey folks, Harry here for one last night in Austin before flying down to Geek Mecca aka Comic Con. The great thing about Comic Con is it shakes a lot of juicy fruit from the tree of movie coolness - and we get tons of material, but not much of it is exclusive. As it is a pretty intense rat race there of all us online types chasing the same stories. Well... This is one of those exclusives that untold geek hours have been spent trying to get to the truth of the matter. I first heard this 3 weeks ago, and spent a lot of time trying to nail this story down. And we finally have. The last major update that we had on AICN on the WORLD OF WARCRAFT came from Moriarty here, back in 2007 The last major bit I heard was a rumor that Uwe Boll was offering Blizzard untold tonnages of gold left crowns of undetermined origin to direct - and that allegedly BLIZZARD laughed his ass out of the place. In Mori's piece we were supposed to get this movie in 2009 with a $100 million budget. With LEGENDARY's main man telling BLIZZCON that it'd be over that figure. And there was some concept art. Well, I don't have concept art. I don't have the firm release date, but I do know who is directing the WORLD OF WARCRAFT film and that is Sam Raimi. It will come out in trades later this week or next. But you can take this one to the bank. Sam is going to make a huge budget fantasy bit of unfuckingimaginable coolness - and it will be yanked from the WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Now - isn't that the sort of Awesome we're supposed to get to kick start Comic Con with? I think so. I really think this is going to be amazing. How about you?

Looks like Legendary rushed out their Press Release - as Variety posted this story by Michael Fleming about an hour and a half after mine. It is planned to shoot after SPIDER-MAN 4.

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