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Stephen King’s CELL
To Be A Miniseries??

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John Harrison, who wrote and directed the 2000 “Dune” miniseries for SciFi, tells Fangoria he’s now working on a four-hour miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 novel “Cell” for the Weinstein Company. Which means, I guess, that “Hostel” mastermind Eli Roth is no longer working on a feature version. “Cell” tells the tale of a hive mind that takes over the humans via mobile phones. Harrison, first assistant director on George Romero’s King-scripted 1982 anthology feature “Creepshow,” went on to write and direct numerous episodes of anthology shows like “Tales From The Darkside,” “Tales From The Crypt” and “Monsters.” Harrison also directed 1990’s “Tales From The Darkside: The Movie,” based in part on King’s short story “Cat From Hell.” No word on which channel may end up airing the project. Find all of Fangoria’s story on the matter here.
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