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TRON/TR2N/Whatever - There's Script Review Online!!

Merrick here...
CC2K has an extensive look at an early draft of the new TRON film. There are SPOIELRS afoot, so be warned. CC2K encapsulates their reaction thusly:
A look at an early draft of Tron 2 reveals a script filled with problems and potential. It's a sequel in the Die Hard 2 sense of the term. Meaning, it's less a pure continuation of the original narrative – like The Empire Strikes Back – and more a dutiful remake told on a larger scale and with a bigger budget. You know, like most sequels.
You can find CC2K's write-up HERE. As CC2K indicates, it's important to keep in mind this script review is from an early draft - many adjustments/changes may'vebeen made as the film went into production.

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