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Boborci. Kurtzman. Kane. VIEWMASTER. Movie.

Merrick here...
FRINGE writer/co-producer Brad Caleb Kane is developing a VIEWMASTER movie for DreamWorks. Yes, it's based on this toy:

Writin it for the Kurtzman/Orci boys! It'll be like the old 80's Amblin movies: Goonies, Young Sherlock... In that vein.
...says the Kane's Twittering, which can be found HERE. I think I have a way to make this work: shoot the film in really good 3D...the movie is nothing but a progression of freeze frames (one every minute or so)...and we only hear what's happening between the "KA-CLICK, KA-CLICK" of the changing frames. I can't wait...and I know you can't, either. I'm unclear as to the lineage of this information - may've been the first to acknowledge Brad's Twitter post, but I'm not sure. Maybe Jodie Foster can be in the movie? After all, she was in this commercial...

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