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All Hail Humongoid Japanese Giant Robot Replica Moving Things!! They're Really BIG!!

Merrick here...
Our search engine here on AICN, while recently improved, is still somewhat dicey. As such, if I'm repeating a post I somehow missed, apologies in advance to both its author and our readers. This said, a bizarre...but extremely cool...bit of entertainment-related news has recently been unfolding in Japan & I thought it deserved a most humble tip of the hat here...and perhaps even a gasp of awe. Work has recently been completed on a big-ass, HIGHLY detailed Gundam replica - which lights up, moves, etc.
Here's what it looks like fully active:

Work is now underway on a similar Tetsujin (Gigantor) replica. Here's some concept art from that project:
And here's some video of the mighty machine being constructed:

The folks over at Gizmodo - easily one of my three my favorite websites - have done an extremely excellent job rounding up some rather beautiful images of Gundam, and of behind the scenes work on Tetsujin. I highly recommend your checking out the gallery of Gundam images they've amassed - 'tis a sight to behold. CLICK THE PICS ABOVE to see more of each character. Back in 1998, when the Olympics were held in Nagano, Japan, I held an admittedly irrational, desperate desire to see a life-sized Godzilla rise from behind the stadium during the Opening Ceremonies & ignite the Olympic Torch with its fire breath. No one would listen to me - I was even taunted for the notion. Perhaps I was ahead of my time - or a head case. But these megabots bring me one step closer to seeing my dementia made real. At the very least, maybe others can now appreciate the beauty of such madness. Maybe they'll build an Iron Giant? MechaGodzilla? Megas XLR?

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