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Get ready for this! ASTEROIDS: THE MOVIE coming soon to a theater near you!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Methinks someone high up at Universal is having a bit of Peter Pan complex. There are worse things for an executive to have, for sure... But this is the studio that's working to bring us Candyland and Battleship and now they've jumped from the board game to the classic arcade game. ASTEROIDS: THE MOVIE. Should have been an '80s movie starring Fred Savage and Lance Guest. Alas, according to Mr. Borys Kitt at Hollywood Reporter we're getting the movie now, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing and RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN's Matthew Lopez attached to script. Of course he'll have to be starting from the ground up here. As long as he has a triangle-shaped ship blow up big asteroid chunks into little asteroid chunks and an occasional UFO that sounds like a discotheque we're all good. As long as it's better than that bizarre, but crappy WITCH MOUNTAIN remake I'm happy. Why not? Now who's gonna get Jack Black starring in a DIG-DUG adaptation? THAT I'd pay money to see. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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