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This Article About The Script For JJ's STAR TREK Movie Tells You About Stuff That Got Cut From The Film, Changed, Etc!!

Merrick here...
To date, we've heard many hints and suggestions about material and ideas deleted from Abrams' STAR TREK. Some of the sequences in question were definitely shot. Others? Guess we'll have to wait for the DVD/Blu-Rays to see what's there. TNMC managed to get their hands on a script for the film. This impresses me, as I've been trying to snag a copy for ages and the damn thing was locked down tighter than that prudishly hot girl I never managed to score with during my Freshman year of college. She tasked me. She tasked me... The write-up doesn't fcenter on the script (wouldn't be much point in that now), instead focusing on sequences, scene extensions, and subplots that were written but didn't make it to the screen. Stuff like: Klingon War Birds, Rura Penthe, Captain James T. Kirk (Shatner), and more. While some of this has already been discussed elsewhere by Team Abrams, theres's a touch more detail in this article than we've heard many places & it's probably worth glancing over. Read it HERE!

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