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Richard Kelly's adaptation of Richard Matheson's THE BOX trailer is online!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with Richard Kelly's long awaited BOX trailer. I saw this a few days ago, 'round the time that Beaks put his interview with Richard up, but I knew the trailer was coming up soon, so why not just wait for it to hit for everyone. The initial hook - press the button and someone you do not know dies and you get $1 million. I don't know. My initial impulse is to press the button all day everyday for a month. But I bet there'd be some pretty dire consequences. And I'd probably end up regretting it. Whilst bathing in millions upon millions of sweet moolah. What would you do? Would you just be satisfied to be Cameron Diaz's significant other - or would you start Ringo-ing out? Here's the trailer in Glorious Quicktime!!!

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