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Darren Aronofsky is still on ROBOCOP

Hey folks, Harry here - Late yesterday, we began to see rumors that were circulating that Darren Aronofsky may have abandoned his remake project of ROBOCOP. So I put the question to Darren, and promptly got a response from him saying simply, "No, Still on it." - he also stated that he'd let me know as things progressed, but there were no new details at this time. So consider the rumor nipped in the bud. I've never been sure what to think of this project, in my soul, I feel a remake of ROBOCOP is a terrible and horrible thing. But anything being done by Darren Aronofsky makes me curious and hopeful. And I know that it simply won't be anything like what we remember of Verhoeven's wonderful original, but will most likely be something entirely different. I think.

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