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Has A Frontrunner Emerged In The PREDATORS Directing Sweepstakes?

Beaks here...

According to Latino Review's El Mayimbe, we won't be getting Neil Marshall's PREDATORS after all. Damn. Though Marshall would've been my first choice out of the likely possibilities, I can't say I have a huge problem with Nimrod Antal taking on the franchise reboot. Antal's best work to date is KONTROLL, an adrenaline-charged action flick about Budapest subway ticket inspectors which felt like an audition for the Hollywood big time. Within a year of that film's release, Antal was directing VACANCY for Screen Gems. Don't hold it against him. This year, he's got ARMORED, which looks to be an above-average heist flick powered by a collection of top-notch character actors. He's got chops. Here's where Harry contacts PREDATORS producer Robert Rodriguez...

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