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THE LAST AIRBENDER trailer is manhandled by ET, but I HAVE IT HERE FOR YOU - The Right Way!!!

Hey folks, Harry here earlier today I got a look at THE LAST AIRBENDER trailer - which will debut online tomorrow. ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT had the ability to show it tonight, but as you can see - they took a trailer of TWO LONG SHOTS and diced it up to where you really have no flow to it at all. The trailer begins with our hooded airbender doing a complicated BO routine surrounded by candles - blowing out sections, then with a thrust down they all go out and he removes his hood. Then we're in a shot where he pushes a wind out of the temple and we slowly follow, out of the temple looking down at the cliff face, then the ocean - where we see an armada of strange ships and catapulted fireballs. It is pretty nifty. Obviously just a teaser trailer but it shows M Night's predilection for long shots. But it shows a scale and action like we've never seen from him. I'm really hoping for something amazing. M Night needs it, and it'd be nice to have a great AirBender movie, right?

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